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The house is named ’SOLBO’.

No tiding in that, only the house receive plenty of sun rays  ---it is however, when the sun shines.

The purpose of this web-page is information and communication only.

As many houses, also ’SOLBO’ has several floors.

From this page of the web-site    -let it be the roof-    one can move down the stairs to floors.

If one level should have particular interest, feel welcome to visit and discover details.

Eventually missing information is obtainable by contact to evtheill@evtheill.dk

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               Contact us at:

                            Tlph:    +45 4640 8592                     Ernst and Jane Theill

                            Fax:    +45 4640 8592                      Jernbanevej 4a, 4330 Hvalso,

                            HP:      +45 40469581,                     DK-DENMARK, Europe

                            Skype:                            evtheill

                            Electronic mail:            evtheill@evtheill.dk and jktheill@evtheill.dk

                   Web sites:         www.evtheill.dk